Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Urban Guerrilla

You pass it daily on your commute, glance at it as you enter your neighborhood, and secretly wish someone would do something about it.

Barren strips of neglected orphaned land can appear almost anywhere, and they are usually an eyesore. From the center medians on heavily trafficked roads, to the shoulders of freeways, to empty parking lots, the dirty, often scraggly-stoned areas beg for beautification, but unfortunately, many cities lack the proper funding to do anything about them.

Guerrilla Gardening, a term that has been around since 1973, has been relatively unknown to much of the public, but with the world becoming more aware of the environment and the issues it faces, guerrilla gardening is becoming much more mainstream. To become a guerrilla gardener is quite simple. Choose a patch of barren, lonely land, and plant something in it, whether it be wildflowers, a tree, or a vegetable patch.

This week, try to find a moment to beautify and plant something in that area that you always pass, grab a friend, loved one, or your entire family, and make a small difference in your community.
To learn more about guerrilla gardening, click here.

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