Friday, March 5, 2010

Five Green Steps For Moving to a New Home

Whether you have recently found the home of your dreams, are deciding to upgrade or downgrade to a new home, moving can cause a lot of waste.

Here are some great tips on how to steam line your moving process and green your life at the same time.

  • Throwing Out: Before you start throwing the items that you no longer want or need in the trash, think of taking them to a local homeless shelter, or the Salvation Army so that the items may be reused, and also be put towards a better purpose.
  • Repurposing Unwanted Items: Embrace your inner Martha Stewart and get crafty! Site such as HowStuffWorks and Instructables offer great ideas on how to find new uses for old items, and the products can keep the kids busy while you continue sorting through the items that somehow slipped under the couch.
  • Recycling: Paper and old magazines can be lent to friends, and also recycled at your nearest recycling facility. Hazardous materials, such as paint and gasoline can be recycled at your nearest hazardous waste facility, and eWaste such as TVs, computer monitors, and fax machines can be recycled at any eWaste recycling facility. Surterre regularly offers eWaste events for free where you can drive through and drop off your clutter.
  • Packing: Cardboard boxes take an extraordinary amount of water to produce, and are not environmentally friendly. Here's a smart move, try a service such as ZippGo, or Earth Friendly Moving, both of which drop off reusable boxes to your home. Just pack them up and move to your new home, and they will pick up the boxes from the new address. Aside from the environmental benefits, these boxes will also save you from those horrible moments when the bottom falls out of your cardboard box, and spare your ears from the lovely sounds of packing tape.
  • Get Moving: There are green companies abound these days. Check your local area by searching the directory, and save a tree and your back.


Ash Sud said...

Thank you for sharing ZippGo with your readers. I had a chance to go through many of your recent blog posts and the story about the increase in healthcare costs is very interesting. As a former resident of the Riverside, I am all too familiar with Smog. Keep up the great work.


Ash Sud
ZippGo | Founder
The Green Moving Box
(800) 723-7017

Gina said...

I used to move often and some of the ways I kept my moves green are:

1. By hiring a local mover so that those huge vans didn't have to travel any further than necessary;

2. By insisting that they turn off the engine while loading and unloading the van;

3. By storing and reusing the same boxes over and over. When I didn't have an attic, I would flatten them and store them in places like behind bookcases, behind the piano, under beds, etc.

(I use the past tense because a few months ago I moved into my retirement house - a small house that I've tried to make as green as possible.)

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