Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Truth About Vampires

If recent trends are any indication, vampires are quite popular in today's culture; though there is one kind of vampire that everyone should be truly scared of... the energy vampire (or vampire appliances). Not only will this type of vampire suck the energy out of your home, but it will also suck the life out of your wallet.

Products such as cell phone recharger's, toasters, TVs, stereos, and coffee makers all siphon energy when they are plugged in, even if they are not charging anything, or in use. According to
If your home is typical, you live with 20 vampires. They add about $200 to your annual energy bill, according to Cornell University. That's because the "off" button doesn't really mean "off" these days; instead, it means "standby." In fact, your TV remote control likely uses more energy during the 20 hours a day that it's turned off and in a "standby power" state than it does during the hours you watch the tube.
Luckily, wooden stakes and garlic breath are not necessary to put an end to this energy thief. All you need to do is either unplug items when they are not in use, or be sure to place all items that do not need to be plugged in while not in use (don't unplug the fridge!) on a power strip with a switch that can be easily powered on or off.

Check out the fun video below for more information on how much energy you really use in standby power mode, and what you can do to keep your money from draining out of your wallet.

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