Thursday, February 25, 2010

Edible Greens Planter Kit

Let's say that you don't have enough room in your garden to grow a lovely selection of mixed salad greens, such as heirloom lettuce, arugula, garden cress, mache, and other seasonal green. Or perhaps that your green thumb isn't so green. Or maybe you just want to give a gift that is sustainable and will last a while.

Paxton Gate, a shop based out of San Francisco, is currently selling "Edible Greens Planter Kits," which, per the website, are prepared from salvaged and reinforced wine crates from Napa California. Each kit includes pre-mixed potting soil and a packet of organic Dr. Earth fertilizer and seeds. Growing your own salad kits cut down on travel time of your food, guarantee that no pesticides will be involved, and you can feel good about your dinner.

After planting, the wait time is approximately six to eight weeks from seed to table, and is so easy, it will make a green thumb out of anyone!

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