Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Green Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Maybe you said "going green costs too much money" or "being environmentally friendly is hard," or even "gosh, it's just so expensive." Perhaps that was you in 2009, but now that 2010 is here, it's time to make some green resolutions and stick to them!

Here are some simple, effective and inexpensive ideas for how to kick off your greenest year yet.

  1. Plant some trees. You can plant them in your backyard, in your community, or you can offer a donation to and they will plant a tree in an area where it is most needed in your honor.
  2. Stop using plastic bags. The damage that they cause is irreversible, and with all of the great reusable bags that are out these days, there is no reason to use them anymore.
  3. Go for a bike ride. (This one could kill two resolutions in one for some!) Go out and enjoy the amazing Southern California weather and ride your bike, or take a walk to run errands that are a short distance away. This will save you money, gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, but will enhance the quality of life for you and the planet.
  4. Clean out your fridge. If your refrigerator is over ten years old, clean it out and have your waste disposal company take it away (some will even pay you!). New Energy Star appliances will drastically cut down on your carbon emissions, will be less expensive to run, and will compliment your kitchen nicely.
  5. Get a reusable water bottle. Similarly to the plastic bags mentioned above, plastic water bottles also do an incredible amount of damage, and clutter our streams, natural landscapes and our landfills. Reusable bottles come in many different shapes and colors, and best of all, can save you even more money!
  6. Buy local, organic food when possible. The produce will generally have less pesticides, and will be much friendlier for the environment, and your local economy as it will have traveled a much lesser distance than your berries from Chile.

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