Friday, September 4, 2009

How to Green Your Labor Day Weekend

On one hand while many are looking forward to a long Labor Day Weekend, it is a little bittersweet as it also represents the last big hurrah of the summer season. Whether you're planning a "staycation" at home relaxing or entertaining friends and family, or heading out of town, the following tips can help you keep your three-day weekend a little greener.

  • Try as you might to reduce your carbon emissions, unless you walk or ride your way around town all weekend, you're bound to produce some smog. Take a moment this weekend to help offset your carbon footprint by planting a tree or two, or perhaps some other foliage that will turn and become beautiful in Autumn.

  • Parties and barbeque's are messy and fun, but the clean up can be an even bigger mess for the indoor environment and for your health. Do your part this holiday and clean green.

  • Speaking of barbecues, add some green to your barbecue without sacrificing flavor by using FSC-certified briquettes. While gas grills may not release any carbon dioxide, the FSC-certified briquettes can be a better choice in the long run. Also, don't forget that what's ON the grill counts too. Organic and free range is always better for the environment, and often tastes better too.
  • Before you hit the road, make sure that you take some time to get your car into tip-top shape. Doing little things like tightening your fan belt, cleaning your air filters and checking your tire pressure are all great steps to take that will help you get better gas mileage on your journey, which is great news for the planet, and for your pocketbook.
No matter what your plans for the weekend are, have fun, be green, and be safe.

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