Friday, March 13, 2009

Surterre Green Tip: Enhance your Lighting

One way to brighten up your home while helping to keep your wallet a little heavier is by reducing your energy consumption at home. The following steps are a great way to start your green lighting transition.

1. Consider the sun. The best source of light comes naturally, and the better use you make of it, the less electricity and artificial lighting you need. Make use of your south facing windows which allow for the greatest amount of natural light to enter the home.

2. Use low-energy light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs (also known as CFLs or low-energy light bulbs) may cost a bit more, but they use a quarter of the energy and last a lot longer (some 10,000 or 12 times longer than an ordinary light bulb). Though initially there was consumer complaint that the CFL output light that looked dissimilar than the light thrown by typical light bulbs, new versions have been released with "warm" color indicators, which more closely resemble incandescent lighting.

3. Solar lighting. You can use small solar lights for your outdoors to enhance your garden and walkways, and not have to worry about wires.

4. Switch to a dimmer. By dimming your lights, you only use a fraction of the electricity that would use at full power, which not only saves energy, but also bulb life.

5. Turn it off! Turn off the lights when you leave the room for 15 minutes or more, and make sure to unplug all adapters and chargers that are hooked into the wall, as they still draw electricity even when they are not in use.

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