Thursday, November 20, 2008

Green Thanksgiving: Part 2 of 3

Clean house
Maybe you're doing it, maybe you have help. Either way, using non-toxic cleaners can make your house sparkle without chemicals. Run out of sink or tub scrub? Mix up some baking soda and water. Wondering how to get your windows squeaky clean? Try vinegar and newspaper. These household staples really work-and you won't run the risk of inciting a synthetic-fragrance induced allergy attack in your guests. Timeline: The day before.

Decorate lightly
This is the fun part. Think outside the box when it comes to decorating your home. Eschew the traditional wreath in favor of one made from living, organically grown succulents and cacti. Recycle old wrapping paper or the funny pages and cut them into snowflakes to put in the window or hang from thread over your table. Make your table arrangements from organic flowers, or collect bouquets from your yard or neighborhood (adding herbs like rosemary and lavender make for gorgeous, fragrant bouquets). Got kids (or kids coming to the party)? Enlist them to set your table and place your candles. Timeline: The day before.

Shop for Perishables and Pick Up Your Turkey

Veggies, breads (unless you bake your own), and other perishables should be picked up from your local farmers market; depending on what day(s) of the week it's open, you may have to fudge the timeline just a bit, and for most things, that's okay. Root vegetables, squash, most fruits and other seasonal meal items will survive just fine for a few extra days. If you're planning a mixed green salad or other highly perishable dish, you might have to bite the bullet and go to your local co-op or organic grocer. Timeline: One to four days before.

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